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South Texas Organization of Paralegals, Inc.
South Texas Organization of Paralegals, Inc.
An Affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants

Want to RSVP!?

Looking for the RSVP reservation form?  Well, it's on the move!  RSVPs are now initiated from the Events Calendar.  Just find the event you want to attend on the calendar and click it's "More Info" link.  If registration is required, there will be a RSVP registration button for you to click.

You'll have to log on.  Members should use their normal log-on credentials.  Members can register themselves and other members and guests.  That way you can group registrants from the same firm and submit a single payment.  If you're not a member of STOP, you can register as a guest.  The first time you do so, you'll have to create a guest account.  Thereafter, you'll use the log-on credentials for that account for guest registrations.  Hopefully, you'll decide to become a member of our group of dedicated paralegals.

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