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South Texas Organization of Paralegals, Inc.
South Texas Organization of Paralegals, Inc.
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South Texas Organization of Paralegals, Inc., ("STOP"), welcomes you to its website. STOP is a non-profit organization incorporated and registered with the Secretary of State of Texas.

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Nothing contained on this website should be interpreted as legal advice.  Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, are forbidden to offer legal advice in the State of Texas. In the event that legal assistance is needed, please contact the State Bar of Texas at www.texasbar.com to find an attorney.

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STOP treats all communications with its members or site visitors as private in nature.  If STOP is provided with person information, including name, address, telephone number, email address, or any other form of information, it will use all commercially reasonable efforts to keep that information private.  Use of this information is appropriate for transaction between members, the web visitor and the association.  STOP will not knowingly sell or share such information with third parties.  However, sponsor members of the association will have access to such information through this site and its membership directories.  Further, information not publicly posted on this site, is not readily available to the general public, but STOP does not represent that it is not inaccessible by web pirates or hackers.

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As all sites do for performance tracking and security purposes, this site records certain tracing information every time someone visits the site. For every web page that is viewed, the web server records various technical data such as an IP address, the operating system and browser version, and the name of the page that was viewed. This information is not linked to any specific user, and is used in the aggregate to maintain and improve the site.


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